The story of cloudsensing

Hey there! Today we are going to share with you a slightly different than usual post. Maybe you had wondered how this international team got to know each other. And also how the idea of developing sensors for concrete was born. You are in the right place to get to know the story of cloudsensing. […]

New technologies disrupting Construction sector after Covid-19

World is changing due to this sanitary emergency. Since COVID, lots of efforts are put trying to develop proper solutions and technologies with the aim of satisfy new needs. Discover here the new technologies disrupting the construction sector.

Construction industry after COVID-19

COVID-19 affected the construction industry, and trends like digitalization are strengthening. Now is the time for new technologies in construction!

Business Models for IoT

A new industrial revolution is happening thanks to the irruption of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Inteligence (AI) (check our last post to know more about it) and some other new technologies. This industrial revolution enables for new market opportunities. It is a key element to properly understand the business models to monetize IoT […]

The future of construction: Outlook

Hi there, would you like to know more about the near future of the construction? You are in the right place 😉 After a robust year, construction is expected to grow at a similar rate as the GDP in the upcoming years. Today we are going to explain you the upcoming trends for the next […]

Who is cloudsensing?

Who is cloudsensing? A company that aims to change industrial processes thanks to new technologies (AI, IoT, ML) implemented in its platform. We love data.