Hey there! Today we are going to share with you a slightly different than usual post. Maybe you had wondered how this international team got to know each other. And also how the idea of developing sensors for concrete was born. You are in the right place to get to know the story of cloudsensing.

We are going to explain the story of cloudsensing and its first steps.

In May 2020, Wladi was studying his master degree on Industrial Engineering and Automation at VUB/ULB in Brussels. As a complement of his engineering side, Wladi also loves computer science and programming. So, he was learning about artificial intelligence using some online courses and YouTube channels.

A Youtuber specialized on this topic created a challenge focused on drafting a machine learning model for binary classification. Wladi’s proposal ended up being the runner up in the challenge. Because of that, Wladi’s profile appeared in the channel.

Henry, our Belgian co-founder, is a experienced person in construction. For more than 15 years he has had 2 Real Estate companies. He was also learning at that moment about data science. After seing Wladi’s profile, Henry decided to contact him to explain a new and disrupting idea.

Because of that choice all of our lives changed.


Wladi received an email from Henry explaining a revolutionary idea: developing a sensor to monitor concrete strength. In a first meeting, Henry bought the required components. Wladi, in charge of engineering cloudsensing since then, set up the prototype version. A proof of concept was done in VIVES Hogeschool, in the Building School, part of KU Leuven university.

However, after checking the technical feasibility, the economical viability had to be studied. Due to that, Wladi contacted Rafa, and during their summer holidays they drafted a business model and an initial market study, to asses if the project could be profitable. As a result of this work, we obtained an award on the UPV 2K18 Challenge. 


A few months after, we decided to focus our efforts, and establish cloudsensing as a company.

A great beginning, hopefully for a long story.