As we mentioned in the previous post,  Construction industry after Covid-19, the world is changing due to this sanitary emergency. Since COVID, lots of efforts are put trying to develop proper solutions and technologies with the aim of satisfy new needs. Discover here the new technologies disrupting the construction sector.

Focusing on our market:  What are going to be the most disrupting technologies in the construction sector?

Covid-19 has accelerated the implementation of new technologies. So, the construction industry needs to investigate how can they mitigate damage and be ready for the new normality. It all starts by understanding which parts of its processes need updates. And then, quickly implementing the most efficient solutions.

For example, safety departments on construction sites need faster access to workers health data. Allowing them to check if employees are experiencing any symptoms of diseases. With remote health monitoring, supervisors can receive the health screening in real time.

So, providing these solutions, managers can obtain a complete health screening from each worker when clocking in and/or clocking out, and receive the information instantly.

health-monitoring-technology-disrupting construction-construction

A second example consist in enabling remote information collection and sharing.

Construction companies usually are sharing information on paper or in person forcing physical presence. However lots of businesses are moving to remote work, so field supervisors could obtain their reports in the same way without spending time in mobility.

Prior to COVID-19 there were existing time lag issues getting the field data to the business office. Now is the perfect time to update data collection methods. By implementing real-time resource management solutions such as cloud-based field reporting or project tracking.

Cloud-based solutions need to offer easy to use platforms.

In addition to this, remote project maintenance and management are essential. Worker shortage was already a big problem, but COVID-19 has aggravated the situation. So, construction companies need technology that helps them being more efficient with the teams and resources they have. 

Resource management solutions enable supervisors to manage projects remotely with real-time updates from employees in the field. These softwares also help project managers by providing data without unnecessary physical interactions and site visits, something relevant if they have multiple projects.

CoSMoS technology disrupting construction

A specific example is a solution monitoring remotely concrete strength in real-time. A solution that helps construction companies in the three ways mentioned above: being less crowded and more safer construction sites, allowing project leaders to manage concrete stages of several projects from home and improving efficiency in construction process. Awesome, isn’t it?