Today’s post follows up with the previous in the series, where we discussed about AI. A new set of disruptive technologies are appearing in the construction industry, like Augmented Reality (AR). We will talk how new data visualization methods affect the sector.

The disruptive new dimension in construction: AR

With the rise of real life usage of Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), our CoSMoS product is going to be easier to use. Both startups and tech giants, such as Microsoft’s Azure, are venturing into the creation of Digital Twins (DT), so new horizons open for the implementation of cloudsensing’s product.


For example, DT is a perfect addition on top of the 4D-BIM systems used in construction planning as building sites will become alive and ready for thorough inspection in real-time 3D, with very low latency and offering incredibly fast experiences. This is possible thanks to cloud computing and IoT, as data processing occurs off-site. 

Our CoSMoS solution, if combined with a DT technology, will allow construction site workers to walk through all the floors and corners of the construction in matter of seconds to see what is the concrete strength level in each part of the structure. 

This translates into an easier new way of interacting with the solution. For instance, 2D dashboards are replaced by a one stop shop as the 3D immersive simulation will help the construction personnel to understand the location of our sensors and the concrete strength results they will be getting!

We hold our fingers crossed and hope Digital Twins will become a standard tool on constructions as soon as possible. In short, using AR technology, we could communicate results measured by our technology in an even easier way!

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