Have you ever wondered which disruptive technologies are shaping the future of the construction industry? Do you know how we use them in our products? Today’s post is the first of the series related to technologies complementary to our product offering for the construction industry. We will talk about Artificial Intelligence.

The AI market and the construction industry

According to last year studies, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market for construction is estimated to reach USD 4.51 Billion by 2026 with the biggest drivers being mitigation of quality and safety risks. Those are amazing news as construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Second category of the factors boosting the speed of investing are time and costs consumption requirements according to reportsanddata.com.

Incredibly thorough research the company conducted shows that machine learning and deep learning account for about 63% of the whole market with cloud-based solutions, being second with more than 35%! In other words, impressive numbers for a new technology.

AI in construction - CoSMoS dashboard

Project Engineers often characterize their job as putting out fires. It is very reactive. Machine learning is fast becoming an assistive tool. It proactively identifies risks and helps them make decisions before it impacts their project. To sum up, it is a game changing tool for the industry.

We, the team of cloudsensing.io, are very much aware of the hidden potential in the construction industry. For example, our CoSMoS solution is completely cloud-based, predicting concrete strength with the use of cutting-edge AI and ML 😉 !

In short, cloudsensing’s CoSMoS, our brand new concrete strength sensor sytem, empowers construction companies with the power of data around their concrete maturing processes. Most importantly, it helps project managers reduce cycle times, optimize assets and increase safety.

Keep tuned-in as our Data Scientist  Mike will be blogging about the newest interesting and disruptive technologies in construction and the IoT industry! With cloudsensing and its IoT services you will always have the latest and most useful technologies available for your industrial processes.