CoSMoS: concrete sensors is cloudsensing‘s first ready-to-use industrial application. #WeloveIoT, but IoT without a proper use in the industry is worthless. That is why, in our engineering team, we do not only spend time developing our state-of-the-art IoT platform, but also using our experience in the field to offer the best-in-class solutions for industry needs. Even before you notice them šŸ˜‰

WHY CoSMoS: concrete sensors

The construction sector presents all the characteristics to be the best potential entering market for our solution.

First of all, the digitalization is practically not present on the construction sites. Where, according to spanish statistics, only 7% of companies are innovative enough.

Moreover, construction is one of the sectors with mostĀ work related accidents in Europe. Each year 300.000 workers get injured on the job. Also, the activities done during work are usually dangerous. Therefore, more than 20% of fatal accidents in Europe happen in construction.

In addition, construction industry is one of the most unoptimized in terms of processes. As a result, the companies achieveĀ lower gross margins than average.


Concrete pouring step is a great example. Usually project managers prefer to wait 28 days to be sure that concrete has fulfilled the architect requirements generating huge timeouts. If not, as they do not know what is happening inside the concrete, earlier decisions depending on human judgement causesĀ accidents because of insufficienly strong concrete layers.

Concrete sensors CoSMoS

That is why, we are offering CoSMoS (Concrete Strength Monitoring System) a plug&play, easy to use and fully cloud-based product.

This solution allows construction companies to monitor in real-time concrete strength in a non-destructive manner.

Thank to this, project managers can take decisions based on data, avoiding timeouts and work accidents only checking an app.


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