Hi there! It is cloudsensing.

Cloudsensing is a start-up developing the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. With a special focus on the industry, we want to democratize the use of data with a simple platform. With it, businesses can get supercharged using the power of IoT and Machine Learning (ML).

This company was born because of the vision of 2 entrepreneurs, Wladi and Henry. They met each other in Belgium because of their common interests in ML.

They immediately saw the possibilities and new technology that could be developed in the field. As so, they decided to create a standard solution to help companies to achieve the real Industry 4.0.


All the team members that are part of cloudsensing at this moment have always shown interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. We are always staying up to date with the latest trends of technology and we are used to work under pressure.

IoT apps

At cloudsensing welovedata, and industrial processes have plenty of it.

So, Cloudsensing aims to be the trendsetting IoT platform. With our modular architecture and state-of-art system, you can have your pilot running in just weeks.